Name Delphine Marcil
AKA Oracle
Nationality Quebecois
Metatype Human
Archetype Ex-Corporate Face
Birthdate Dec 10, 2035
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"If you cannot agree to my terms then I am afraid we cannot do business. If you insist on wasting my time any further I will personally see to it that you are left incapable of wasting anyone's time ever again."


Delphine always maintains a pristine appearance with modest makeup, though the vogue in her circles involves heavy eyeliner and bold red shades of lipstain. Another aspect that has carried over from her corporate history are the rejuvenating nano-spa treatments that she must surely be indulging in. It would appear that she spends a small fortune each year on cosmetic maintenance to uphold her ageless facade, but her searching eyes and experienced attitude betray the image. Hair is a dark brown, often professionally styled into elaborate bouffants or classic styles from the past hundred years. Clothing is chic, yet business-like — bleeding edge style, yet stiffly formal.

Mannerisms and Habits

Can be seen (only with a keen eye, mind you) slotting a variety of softs into her cosmetically concealed chipjacks with practiced nonchalance in the same action as preening her immaculate hairdo. Has a liking for corporate chic, a dry sense of humor, and smokes cigarettes in a dainty fashion.


Cross Applied Technologies, Simmons Corp LLC


Few, if any, are aware of how much or how little she really relies on simchips, but she excels in handling affairs face to face. She systematically squashed a series of BTL and personafix abuse rumors from rivals amid an internal squabble surrounding a previous promotion at Cross. Said rivals have also claimed that she has an unnerving, inhuman quality, but her deliberate style and beauty, calm demeanor and business savvy nearly always guarantee that matters work in her favor. If not, she has connections to ensure she gets what she wants out of an exchange the second time around.


An accomplished corporate liaison under the career-long employ of CrossAT for nearly twenty years, she was later promoted (or demoted, depending on point of view) to a less prominent position dealing with outside contractors, or shadowrunners — a four letter word where she comes from. Having displayed an aptitude for handling these so-called "deniable assets," this was a logical step by her superiors, but the dramatic change of job description (and subsequent loss of any official company status) effectively left her fending for herself in the shadows of the treaty city alongside those she once hired. She remains loyal and doesn't harbor a grudge against Cross, accepting the transition as simply a fact of modern life, and will not willingly take action to harm her now-unofficial benefactor. She sees her newfound freedom of action as an opportunity, not a setback.

>>>>> [Incredible getaway driver, an even better negotiator, and even better legs.] <<<<<
-»Import/Export« (11:45:07/09-21-71)

>>>>> [Had the chance to work a honeytrap with this one as partner in crime. Couldn't ask for a more adaptable, quick-thinking teammate. Look forward to working with this stiletto-sharp corp chica again.] <<<<<
-»Posh« (19:21:14/11-23-74)

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