Dean Gunner Thompson

"I'm a Street Operator, omae. A Samurai who can hustle, do some BnE, and a number of equally useful things. Not so big on the 'gun-toting-maniac' bit, unlike some who call themselves Samurai. That's why I prefer the term Street Op."
-Dean Gunner Thompson

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The Dirt, What E'rybody Knows

Dependable, trustworthy, savvy Samurai of upstanding character FOR HIRE! Excellent tactician and idea-man, Dean likes it down and dirty, nitty-gritty, and endeavors to ensure things go off without a hitch. He'll run for you, he'll gun for you, watching your back all the while. Never been beaten on the draw, nonetheless views that option as a last resort.

Dean's only been in Denver for a season or two, his checkered past unfolded elsewhere until recently. He has a background in corporate security. A former 'company man', as it were.

He's fairly versatile in terms of skill-sets, and prefers to level the playing field by playing things his way, capitalizing on the opposition's weaknesses and his own or his team's strengths.

Playing fair is not on the menu. Unfair advantage is what it's all about, thinking otherwise is just plain stupid. Although new to these streets, he's taken to them like a fish to water.


A sharp-eyed, hollow-cheeked individual who gives the impression that physically, mentally, and emotionally he has burnt out so badly and so many times that it's become just a fact of life for him and has determined that a man must carry on through sheer force of will, when that's all he's got left.

Gotta maintain the edge, no matter what else you do, *you have got* to keep yer edge.

Alert and cheerfully fatalistic, fit and fiery-eyed in a way that looks amphetamine-induced and comes off as a figure who keeps up the military style PT every morning at 0500, having had [breakfast]. Does things either right ricky-tick or with an 'off-duty' laid-back lackluster laziness.


He looks to be in his early thirties. Narrow-jawed and relatively bland, good looking in an unremarkable way. Dean shimmers and vibrates with pent-up nervewire tension. He'll crack an easy smile with little excuse, most situations lacking high explosives provide *something* amusing to this guy. Fit in a lean, striated, climber or boxer kind of way.


Twitches, bobs, shakes, and fidgets quite a lot.
Heavy smoker.
Has an attitude regarding drinking, smoking, etc that says "darlin', I have not yet begun to defile myself.'
Drives too fast.
Has a wolfish rogue's grin.
Almost always looking around like he's expecting someone else to show up, it can be distracting.
Inquisitive, curious.


  • Red Rock Diner - frequently has breakfast there.
  • Cool Cat - a fan of jazz, likes the atmosphere. Makes an appearance when he can.
  • Chrome! - interesting place, *very* interesting crowd. Jury's still out on whether or not it's his style.
  • The Ragdoll - likes hanging out on the rooftop in nice weather.
  • Crazy Horse Saloon - good for daytrips, to get away from the busy cityscape and see something different.
  • Osara Shamanic Park - frequently does a morning run and general PT there.


Enjoys easygoing and frank conversation, and doesn't cope too well with uptight or holier-than-thou types nor those who speak with stilted formality. He tends to crack jokes to break the ice, which may make them even more clenched, which he finds kind of funny. Kind of a vicious circle, that.

If you hang around him for any length of time, you'll notice that he smokes like it's going out of style, but tries to be considerate about it. He is quite aware that it bothers some people, and tries not to disturb them with it. It's primarily a 'getting to know you' social tool anyway. But mostly an addiction, let's face it.

He gestures a lot, and spasmodically fast, although he's not conscious of it. All those nervewire and energy boosting mods get him riled up pretty easily.

There is definitely something peculiar in the way he speaks, there's a certain southern twang, which might even be genuine, and generous heapings of street-slang which he doesn't actually use that well. He is perhaps overcompensating with the intent of fitting into the street scene.


Generally personable and easygoing, Dean is an accepting person who judges on conduct rather than shallower things. Actions speak louder than words, and all that. Definitely the curious sort, he has trouble being stand-offish or leaving well enough alone at times. That's not to say he can't keep his mouth shut, he just doesn't see the point if it's not something work-related, and is willing to, and looking for others to, open up a bit about basic personal details and opinions. There's no harm in getting to know a chummer, right?

Striking a Pose

Name Dean Thompson
AKA Gunner, Jimmy, Jack, Hey You
Metatype Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Archetype Samurai, Wannabe Fixer
Birthdate 30 some odd years ago
Nationality CASian - Czech/Irish heritage


Hair Light Brown
Eyes Grey
Skin White
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 80kg (175lbs")
Build Lean
Cyber None Visible
Fashion Sleek black leather jacket, semi-casual under that.


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Having a rough morning

Circa 2065, how humiliating. Check the hair man.

His favourite toy

Dream ride, but he'd take it in black

His Ride

Grey Ops

Black Ops

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