Name Darius Greci
AKA Mr. Grey, Micheal Grey
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Hermetic Mage
Birthdate Sep 21, 2044
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"I suppose I'm going to have to get my hands dirty."


Darius is a tall man- just shy of two meters- of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern descent, to judge by his complexion, and appears to be in his mid-thirties. His skin is olive-tan, swarthy, and his hair is dark- save for a peppering of grey hairs, particularly at his temples. His eyes are intense and expressive, dark brown, and show the barest hints of crows feet at their corners. His hair is cropped short in the back and sides, and swept back into a simple parting, styled with practised nonchalance. He sports a full beard, dark and peppered with greys like his hair, though even more sparsely. It is well groomed, trimmed relatively short and shaped to compliment the contours of his cheekbones and jaw. He is not particularly well muscled, though neither is he skinny- he's a comfortable medium build and wears his height well without appearing either bulky or lanky.

Distinguishing Features

Somewhat Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern look, probably multi-racial. Formal, but not excessively so. Very neat and tidy.

Mannerisms and Habits

After his absence, Darius is somewhat more relaxed than he used to be- his former associates have noted that the stick seems to have been dislodged. He dresses smartly, and is proud of his hermetic heritage- doing little to hide it. He has taken a more open minded approach to magic in recent years, losing much of his disdain for less 'scientific' approaches to magic.


Known to be one of the founding members of the Order of Arcane Law. Is part of a network of information brokers, fixers and Mr. Johnsons in the denver area, whos members include Mr. Maroon and Mr. Mauve. Darius is Mr. Grey in this community.


Full Hermetic Mage skilled in both sorcery and conjuring. Moderate functional knowledge of using both pistols and whips, but prefers the whip. Reasonably skilled Enchanter. Knowledgeable on ancient cultures. Avid linguist.


Darius was born into a very wealthy family, his mother a model and his father an investment wizard. He grew accustomed to being spoiled, although he also grew accustomed to a lack of attention from his parents, the result being that he was a very quiet, subdued young boy. Picked up during early age screening at his junior high school, he was sent to a Thaumaturgical high school and followed up by attaining a degree in Thaumaturgy at MIT&T. Turned to the shadows after he became bored of the lifestyle of a corporate wageslave.


Darius bought four young girls who were being sold as sex slaves, and he is currently doing his best to try to raise them and educate them so that they can have a better life than what was planned for them. He moved away from Denver, working legitimately as a Talismonger, so that he could spend more time supporting them, and to avoid the danger associated with a shadowrunner's life. After six years, he's returned- the girls are grown up now, mostly, and pursuing their own lives.


Age: 15
Hair Color: Red

Daria is a Hermetic mage, and the youngest of the sisters. She is fully awakened, but very inexperienced as yet, struggling with basics like astral projection. She has Sorcery at rating 2, Has yet to master any conjuring, and enchanting at 2. She is still quiet and a little shy, but she has certainly come into herself somewhat out of the big city. She's developed outdoorsy interests, often accompanying Darius when he has been picking herbs or finding suitable materials for talismongering. She still enjoys art, but has graduated from simple childlike drawings to really rather good paintings, mostly watercolor and surreal- she still enjoys painting the astral. She received homeschooling (using instructsofts) for middle school, and is starting high school this September. She lives with Darius. Speaks English and Russian, and a smattering of Latin.


Age: 18
Hair Color: Red

Julie has really emerged as a social butterfly, though she still suffers occasional anxiety attacks as a result of her horrific start to life. She was homeschooled using instructosfts until the end of middle school, and she is in her final year of highschool, enjoys fashion, trendy one-hit-wonder bands and trideo games. She dreams of becoming a trideo actress, but lacks the motivation to actually pursue said career. She lives with Darius. Speaks English and Russian.


Age: 19
Hair Color: Blond

Brittany is quiet, studious and a bit plain. She was homeschooled using instructosfts until the end of middle school, attended highschool in the CAS sector, and she is starting college in September, studying Mathematics, Accounting and Business. She aspires to become an accountant. She is fiercely protective of her little sisters, and a complete androphobe- never having gotten over her earlier experiences to any significant degree, despite regular counselling. She has clearer memories of her youth than the others, as her PAB reprogramming was less complete. She speaks English and Russian and knows Renraku Teng proficiently.


Age: 19
Hair Color: Blond

Sarah is the troublemaker of the group, and she struggled with highschool- regularly getting into arguments and occasionally straight up punchups. She settled down somewhat in her final year, but still has a short fuse. She was homeschooled using instructosfts until the end of middle school, attended highschool in the CAS sector, and she was offered an athletic scholarship at Denver City College, and intends to join their womens Judo team. She speaks English, Russian and Cityspeak- much to Darius's consternation.

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