Name Darius Greci
AKA Mr. Grey, Micheal Grey
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Hermetic Mage
Birthdate Sep 21, 2044
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"I suppose I'm going to have to get my hands dirty."


Darius stands at an impressive six feet and four inches, his frame is by no means wide, however, he is infact a rather wiry man. Nevertheless, he is not an unattractive man, possessing strong and slightly exotic features hinting at perhaps a Greek heritage- from his slightly olive-toned skin to his dark eyes and hair. His hair is cut short, but long enough to be swept into the latest corporate fashion, and he also possesses a very neatly trimmed beard that follows his jawline up to join his sideburns- lengthening slightly at the chin but otherwise kept just a few millimeters in length. Matching his beard, a thinly trimmed mustache joins it to form a goatee.

He is a very big fan of fashion, and his clothing changes often, following the winds of fashions. He favors dark, sometimes even gothic fashions, and he is often wearing runway fashion before it's even hit the ships, thanks no doubt to his liberal use of magic.

Distinguishing Features

Somewhat Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern look, probably multi-racial. Snobbish. Extremely dry humor. Professional. Arrogant.

Mannerisms and Habits

Darius always looks impeccable, using a combination of excelent hygine, outstanding fashion sense, and magic he always stands out in his surroundings. He favors very smart corporate chic clothing, and he prides himself on being nigh unflappable. He is known to not drink or smoke, and has hinted at abstaining from other things. When he does go out, it tends to be to coffee houses rather than bars or clubs, but when it is a business meeting he goes wherever the business is.


Known to be one of the founding members of the Order of Arcane Law. Is part of a network of information brokers, fixers and Mr. Johnsons in the denver area, whos members include Mr. Maroon and Mr. Mauve. Darius is Mr. Grey in this community.


Full Hermetic Mage skilled in both sorcery and conjuring. Moderate functional knowledge of using both pistols and whips, but prefers the whip. Minor ability in Enchanting. Knowledgeable on ancient cultures. Avid linguist.


Darius was born into a very wealthy family, his mother a model and his father an investment wizard. He grew accustomed to being spoiled, although he also grew accustomed to a lack of attention from his parents, the result being that he was a very quiet, subdued young boy. Picked up during early age screening at his junior high school, he was sent to a Thaumaturgical high school and followed up by attaining a degree in Thaumaturgy at MIT&T. Turned to the shadows after he became bored of the lifestyle of a corporate wageslave.


Darius recently bought four young girls who were being sold as sex slaves, and he is currently doing his best to try to raise them and educate them so that they can have a better life than what was planned for them.


Age: 10
Hair Color: Red

Daria is a very quiet girl, most of the time, but also intensely curious. She loves to read and to draw- her favorite subjects are the images she sees when she glimpses the astral. She can seem timid at times, in no small part due to being somewhat frightened of the creatures she knows most people can't see. She is a Hermetic Mage, with some very basic training, but she is not fully awakened yet. She speaks good English, and fragments of several other languages, picking them up more easily than her older sisters.


Age: 13
Hair Color: Red

Julie is shy around strangers, but a chatterbox among friends, and a true girly-girl. She has a mild obsession with pop culture, and is a fan of fashion. She speaks English quite well, and has a better grip on slang than her sisters.


Age: 14
Hair Color: Blond

Brittany is very very quiet. She does not speak unless spoken to. She tends to shy away from others, and rarely smiles. She is fiercely protective of her sisters when pushed, though. She speaks English fairly well, though not as well as Sarah, and she's more comfortable speaking in her native language.


Age: 14
Hair Color: Blond

Sarah is independent ant outgoing and somewhat tomboyish, though prone to occasional deep depressions- they are usually sudden and brief. She speaks English well, though she has a strong eastern European accent and sometimes confuses her words.

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