Name Daniela Gonzalez
AKA Dani
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Elf
Archetype Face
Birthdate Feb 1, 2052
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"Hi! :)"


Before you is a raven haired Latina elf, looking to be in her mid-twenties and a fit and graceful build, though not an overly muscled one. Her hair is long, though is currently worn in a series of elaborate braids with several hoops that drape down around her shoulders. Her eyes are a striking emerald green, lips panted deep red, with a pert nose, and the traditional elfin face one expects from the species.

Distinguishing Features

The lower half of her right arm, from the elbow down has been replaced by a bespoke cybernetic limb, covered in a black enamel, with finely detailed gold engravings in a floral pattern running the length from wrist to elbow. Behind her ear is a matching datajack, with black enamel, and gold floral engravings around the rim.

Mannerisms and Habits

Dani has a tendency to gravitate towards expensive things, luxury cars, fine apartments, good food and drink, and nice clothes. She is fit, seems enamored with the latest dance fitness crazes, and is generally a friendly extroverted person.


  • Shadowland - Daniela frequents Shadowland, lurking and occasionally posting under a matrix pseudonym
  • Angels - An escort service run by the orkess Angel Devine, Daniela has an account with this service under the name of Mercedes that is used as a means to get in touch with her for shadow-biz


Dani is a face, she's a social manipulator, but has a variety of talents related. She is a competent fighter, is lightly augmented, and has some skill with a Cyberdeck, amongst other things.


Dani was born and raised in Cali, in Southern Aztlan, in the country formerly known as Cali. She moved to Tenochtitlan when she was eighteen and began working in a variety of high end nightclubs that catered to the Aztlan rich. Eventually she transitioned to Air Hospitality, working aboard luxury aircraft that transported Aztechnology executives to their luxury estates and high end resorts

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