Dane of the Wolves
Name Dane Durand Renard
Meat Aliases Joseph Ledoux, The Quiet Man
Matrix Aliases Dark Wolf, DDR
Nationality Quebec French Canadian
Metatype Human
Archetype Wild Man?
Age 29
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"So, you mean to tell me… that a man with no family jewels… just kicked your ass?" —Roger Smith


This rather rugged 27-year-old Human man stands roughly 5'9" tall and weighs just over 180 pounds. His once-white complexion is now lightly tanned, as well as somewhat weather-beaten, but he always keeps a clean-shaven visage.
The straight, thick strands of his natural dark-brown, red-tinted hair are several inches long. When the light hits him just right, golden flecks can be seen gently reflecting from within his deep-brown eyes. The city life has caused him many sleepless nights and has left him with dark circles under those wise eyes. His masculine facial features are well defined, as are his strong broad shoulders, firm abdominals and pectorals, and sturdy thick limbs.
His calloused, weathered hands feature a golden band with silver inlays upon his left ring finger. Shinto symbols, that represent Sun and Moon Kami, are etched all over this ring in a never-ending circle. Tightly secured, and completely covering his forehead, is a Rambo-style headband made of red cloth with two long lengths left hanging down from a single knot tied behind him.
A soft deerhide jacket rides evenly over his muscular shoulders, and some sexy fringe runs all the way down behind the long sleeves, swaying gently with his every move. A matte-black tee-shirt snuggly covers his upper body. Nice boot-cut blue-jeans of faded denim drape neatly over his fit lower body. His medium feet are sturdily supported by dark-grey laced-up leather boots.

Distinguishing Features

Dane has very little ware and much magic knowledge, but he is indeed mundane.

Mannerisms and Habits

Good Natured, Somewhat Standoffish, Rather Quiet?


The Mustang Ranch, Anti-Naito-Gumi


Sniping, Stealth, Computers, Athletics, Brawling, French Language, Biotech First Aid,
Survival, Hunting, Tracking, Stalking, Navigation, Empathy, Magic BG, Talismongering,
Forensics, Security Systems, Security Tactics, Police Tactics, Undercover Operations,
Oriental Culture, Japanese Language, Organized Crime, Yakuza Operations, Multi Lingual

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