Name Dalton Lee
AKA Nightmare
Nationality COUNTRY
Metatype Human
Archetype Shaman
Birthdate Month Number, 20XX
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Standing just at six feet in height. His build is slender and light and he appears to be no older than twenty. His eyes are a dark hazel grey though they are usually hidden by sunglasses. His hair is black, the style is cut very short, nearly bald.

Distinguishing Features

Shaman of Greyman.


Mannerisms and Habits

Dalton is a professional, one to take charge of a situation when no leader presents itself. He has taken it upon himself to make nightly patrols of the Warrens and surrounding areas hunting for those predators that would seek to harm the helpless.


A member of the team The Bats, he is often seen hanging out in the Big House which he has claimed to be one of his bases of operation.


While it is not possible for any spell caster to be an "everyman," Dalton is as close as it comes. Skilled in pistols as well as spells Dalton uses those skills to protect those in need. Quite charming when he wishes to be, he is a talented negotiator adept with words as he is with magic.


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