Name Jenny Underhill
AKA Critter, Little Britches
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Dwarf (Gnome)
Archetype Shaman (Raccoon)
Birthdate April 1, 2054
rating: +3+x

"Haha, watch this!"


Standing just at three feet tall, this tiny figure doesn't cut a very impressive appearance. Her tussled looking blonde hair is cut in a short bob, extending down to cover her ears. Her bright blue eyes look around the world with a childlike expression of wonder. Her features are cute in a cherubic fashion, rounded cheeks and a cupid's bow shaped mouth. Her tiny features are smudged here and there with dust or dirt looking like she's spent a little too much time on the streets and not enough time indoors.

Quite the contrast to her general appearance, her clothes are almost feral. She wears a jacket that hints at armor under it, the colors blazoned with some obscure gang's colors. Black jeans cover her lower torso and descend into a pair of heavy looking war boots. The metal plate boots offer shin protection while providing a wide striking surface.

Mannerisms and Habits

Tends to talk very loudly to trolls to make sure they can hear her "all the way up there." Also, she's never been known to use profanity. Prone to distraction, she wanders off when her focus is lost.


She often times works for a fixer named Cunningham.


Conjuration, spell casting, and oddly enough kickboxing. No slouch when it comes to sneaking around or using a handgun.

Jobs Taken

Assassination/Wetwork: No
Blackmail/Extortion: Yes
Bodyguard/Security: Yes, physical and astral.
Burglary/Plant: Yes!!!
Counterfeit/Hoax: Yes
Courier/Smuggling Run: Yes
Datasteal: No computer skills, or deck
Decking/Matrix Overwatch: No computer skills, or deck
Destruction/Sabotage: Yes
Distraction: Yes
Encryption/Decryption: No computer skills
Enforcement/Intimidation: No, not intimidating enough
Extraction/Kidnapping: Sure
Investigation/Surveillance: Yes
Stakeout/Pursuit: Yes
Teaching/Consultation: Yes

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