Name Molly Hayes
AKA Creep
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Survivor/Fixer
Birthdate Aug 4th, 2052
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"Who sent you, who else knows I'm here? How do you make contact with them?"


1.7 meters tall but slouches and seems shorter because of it. Her skin is pale enough to indicate a life spent indoors. Long dark auburn hair that is kept under a stocking cap. Clothes look like they're salvaged as opposed to bought in the store. Street rat, there's a lot of them in the city.

Distinguishing Features

Long, bottled, dark auburn hair and a black skully cap.

Mannerisms and Habits

Calm and confident, Molly is more experienced in the ways of the Shadows than someone her age should be.


The Saints, The Demolition Boyz and members of the troll/ork community. Founding member of The Bats, Shadowrunner team.


Stealth and electronics, information gathering, and gear procurement. In combat pretty good at hand to hand, and okay with a pistol.


Not much is known about Creep, she just showed up in the shadows.

Accepted Run Types

Assassination/Wetwork: No
Blackmail/Extortion: Depends on Target (DoT)
Bodyguard/Security: Yes, physical security.
Burglary/Plant: Yes
Counterfeit/Hoax: Yes
Courier/Smuggling Run: Yes
Datasteal: N/A
Decking/Matrix Overwatch: N/A
Destruction/Sabotage: (DoT)
Distraction: Yes
Encryption/Decryption: N/A
Enforcement/Intimidation: Yes
Extraction/Kidnapping: Willing Extraction Only
Investigation/Surveillance: Yes
Stakeout/Pursuit: Yes
Teaching/Consultation: Yes
Training/Testing: Yes
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