"Here I'll lend you a hand."


A latina with slender body, usually wears some quite normal clothes. Though has been known to dress more fancy now and t. hen.

Distinguishing Features


Mannerisms and Habits

All too willing to help the poor and helpless, she is the driving force behind the Sunrise Soup Kitchen.


Several high level runners in Denver are calling her friend.


She is known to be a very versatile runner, being able to mesh magic and technolgy to a so far rarely seen level.

Name Conchita Serafina Margarita Elena Magdalena Estefan
AKA Squeak
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Human
Archetype Shamanic Magical Adept (Mouse)
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Unknown color, it seems to change
Hair Black
Ethnicity Latin American
Height 1.65
Build Slender
Cybernetics Known to have a datajack
Fashion Street clothes.
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