"There is too much suffering in the world. Let's do something about it."


She is a latina cutie. Not a sexy bombshell, but with the right proportions and a well rounded body she is still good enough to be a looker for some. Midnight black slightly wavy hair has been left to grow to slightly longer now falling down on her back. Her face oval with a nose that will maybe become beak-like nose once she has aged some more. Right now it's a cute stubby nose. Her eyes are dark brown, bordering on black and looking curiously at the world around her. What might catch one's eye, though is an ugly scar that crosses 'over' her right eye. She surely has lost that eye at some point. Lucky that in this time and age there is cloned replacements. Her lips are small and usually have a nice rose tint. Most likely some lipstick on them.

Her body is firm and despite being far from a muscle monster she is quite sinewy and definitely has a fine tone of muscle. She sure lacks bulk, though. Her body is more on the delicate side, though barely able to be called fragile. She has that kind of small bodies typical for the Latino kind, short but sinewy. She is no more than 1.5 meters in size but with excellent proportions. Her skin a warm slightly darker tone. A tad brighter than cocoa. Her legs and arms firm, her hands dexterous and with fingers that are just having the right proportions to be at the same time slender and strong looking. Her feet more on the small side. She short cut hair is barely able to hide a datajack on her right temple.

She is in her early twenties still showing a lot of the youthful health, but her body having already grown out of a teens lankiness. She has nicely matured with gaining the right kinds of curves for a young woman.

She is dressed in a skin tight, bright blue sweater, emphasizing her small breasts as well as her slender almost wiry build. She had a leather jacket wrapped around that. At her waist a heavy black leather belt was fixing her black and dark blue patterned miniskirt, going barely down to her mid thigh. But the ensemble was still decent through he use of a set of also skin tight, black tights. She was wearing knee high black leather boots with slightly high heels to add to this. Her shapely legs, while decent where quite nicely displayed like this. She also wore some plastic bracers, with some ornate patterns on them. Most likely a fashion statement, but also usable to help her in a pinch.

Distinguishing Features


Mannerisms and Habits

All too willing to help the poor and helpless, she is the driving force behind the Sunrise Soup Kitchen.


Several high level runners in Denver are calling her friend.


She is known to be a very versatile runner, being able to mesh magic and technology to a so far rarely seen level.

Name Conchita Serafina Margarita Elena Magdalena Estefan
AKA Squeak
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Human
Archetype Shamanic Magical Adept (Mouse)
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Unknown color, it seems to change
Hair Black
Ethnicity Latin American
Height 1.65
Build Slender
Cybernetics Known to have a datajack
Fashion Street clothes.
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>>> [She was there for me and mine in the hard times that followed the shutdown. Her Soupkitchen and Shelter has so far saved many lifes.]
- Grateful Warrens Inhabitant (16:23:45/23-10-2079)
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