Name Collei Greene
AKA Collei
Nationality CAS
Metatype Goblin
Archetype Mage(Alchemist).
Birthdate August 12th, 2061
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"Yer such a fucking couillion!"


Heres something youv probably never seen before, 3 foot 9 inches and probably 60-65 pounds Collei is a goblin. Well a SURGE goblin but a goblin none the less. Tiny, with long pointed ears, green skin, yellow eyes that almost feel like they glow when she watches you and abit too much energy to be healthy(Decaff for her please).

Collei is in her mind a fairly typical example of a Louisiana Goblin, her hair is black with green dyed highlights and if it was let loose would be down to her waist though she typically has it tied up or even dreadded if shes in the mood for it. Her face has the typical flattened look of Goblins, with wide cheeks, big eyes, and a smaller not quite button nose. She does seem to get a little intense when focusing and loses it into manic goblin energy giving one of those big smiles with canines that are sharper than human average.

Bodywise Collei is slim but not quite to the point of waifish, probably more the result of excersize than lack of food since her green skin has a nice healthy tone to it. Shes not overly muscled but she does have some definition to her, mostly in a way that suggests Yoga, jogging and hiking more than weight lifting. But she isnt going to be winning any lifting competitions anytime soon. Frankly some of the books she carries probably weigh close to as much as her anyway so she gets by. With B cups and flat belly she would be described as cute but lean.

On a day to day level she wears a long flowy smoke grey jacket with a hood and split sleeves that give her a larger profile. Delicate jacquard designs follow the trim up and down the jacket even in the flat colored areas where it looks like the maker tried to hide different patters in slightly darker or lighter greys. Brass scales and accents are hidden through the jacket. It sinches closed not with buttons but with heavy duty fidlock clips and the whole thing is probably made from something more durable than cotton anyway, its at least vaguely fire resistant with her work. Under that she typically wears black tshirts, tank tops, and sometimes body gloves or crops. for pants she tends to wear looser ones, typically fishermans pants that cinch tight to her waist. Oh and heavy duty boots. Black workboots in this case, nice custom ones. When she wears shoes. She seems to ignore them if shes not out and about or on the job.

She does radiate goblin energy in how she talks. Slightly too fast and with an accent that is very much Louisiana Creole/French Acadian. Lots of flowing consonents that seem to melt into each other making even her english abit hard to understand if you arent paying attention and shes not trying to be easily understood. When she talks slower and pays attention to it her accent is fine and understandable. When shes busy, focused, or annoyed her accent is borderline gibberish unless you have a working understanding of Louisiana Creole or grew up in New Orleans(but i repeat myself)

Distinguishing Features

  • I mean…Shes a goblin. That is abit unusual. In this case a SURGE Dwarf Goblin.
  • Collei has a TH.D From Loyola University. Meaning Its technically Dr. Collei to you buddy!

Mannerisms and Habits

  • It is rather odd when you dont find Collei snacking. She has the metabolism of a blowtorch
  • She is a fan of the Loyola Urban Brawl Team(Go Catfish)


* She is not married to Don, Stop asking. Fuck that couillion!


  • Collei is a Specialist with a degree in Theoretical Magic with a minor in Parazoology and several certificates in Spell Design. Yes. Be impressed.

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