Name Katsui Soshi
AKA Chishio
Nationality Japanese
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Dec 1, 2049
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"Death's hand is cold. It guides our every step, and with every day that passes, it curls around our heart a little more."


Tiny, but obscenely muscular underneath layers upon layers of armor, Chishio is a diminuitive Japanese woman built like a machine rather than a person. Her features are rough, her nose having been broken repeatedly over the years, though there is a telltale stiffness which hints at the unnatural augmentation layered underneath her skin. Her hair is weak and brittle, ragged and uncared for, it is kept bound in a pair of pigtails behind her head, dark brown.

More often than not, she keeps herself heavily armed. By preference she carries a dikote katana and a powerfully strung ranger bow, each of which is proportionately sized for her frame.

Distinguishing Features

There is a small tattoo on her right ankle of the kanji for 'butterfly' done in purple ink.

Mannerisms and Habits

Chishio despises being touched, and will tense under physical contact of any kind. She has a tendency to react with violence unless there are very immediate reasons not to do so. She is also very softly spoken, and has next to no experience with interpersonal relationships of any kind, which is clear in how blunt she is with some subjects, and how obtuse she can be with others.


Chishio is associated with the Naiya Clan of ninja, which in turn is associated most commonly with Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, though they are known to work for many other Japanese megacorporations. Very, very rarely do their operatives work for other megacorps… though Chishio herself is not a full member of the clan, and her standards for employment are nowhere near as stringent.


Extremely skilled with the katana, and capable with the bow. Chishio is a stealth and infiltration specialist whose capabilities are primarily geared towards wetworks.

She's a ninja

The Laws.

-Ninja of the Diamond obey their superiors-
-Ninja of the Diamond do not kill for free, but may answer an insult to their satisfaction-
-Ninja of the Diamond do not show pain or fear-
-Ninja of the Diamond act with honor-
-Ninja of the Diamond strike swift and sure. They do not fail-
-Ninja of the Diamond do not weaken Japan-
-Ninja of the Diamond answer for their actions with their strength-
-Ninja of the Diamond are of pure blood-


What history has a shadow?

Born in shame. Raised in secrecy. An orphan shortly after birth, raised by a man who was more than a man. Her uncle felt the bonds of blood more important than the bonds of his Clan, and so took her in. With no skills as a parent, he instead trained her as a protege, despite the fact that as a dwarf she would never truly be accepted by the Clan.

Her Uncle died so that she would be given the chance to prove herself, rather than simply executed. As such, she was sent on the more boring, or least worthwhile, missions for the glory of MCT. A natural gift with languages, however, resulted in her being sent to America. And, eventually, to Denver.

One wrong step in the shadows, though… one glimpse in the light, is enough to damn her. She has fallen from grace in Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, with no more SIN, and no more support from the corporation. Only time will tell if she can pick herself back up.

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