Background Dossier for Lt. Julia Desota, Jaguar Guard

Name Lt. Julia DeSoto
AKA Calavera, Skullz
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Elf
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Old
rating: +6+x

"He thought he was immortal. He was mistaken."


Julia is not the stereotypical trid-starlet example of Homo Sapiens Nobilis that one might expect. She's neither exceedingly tall or willowy, nor short or stout, but instead she comes in at about 5'8. A nice 'normal' hight for a woman. Her features are not made of porcelain nor are they angelic or otherwise ethereal. Her face is a hard thing, but not entirely unattractive despite the scarring that is present, with expressive dark eyes being the center point.

Her hair is cut short, an almost military shortness that follows the line of her scalp all the way around, showing a few scars in her hairline. Her ears are bobbed short, a cosmetic feature that detracts even further from her elven 'look'. Her expression is almost continually one of a sort of annoyance; either at you, or the situation or the world around her. To see her smile is surely a sign of very bad things to happen.

She's wearing a black, button-up dress shirt with a very military cut, but sleeveless and modified to come in at her waist and fit to her body. As the shirt is sleeveless, Julia's right arm, cybernetic from the elbow down, is quite obvious. The shirt is untucked over a pair of black BDU pants, belted by a thick leather belt with an ornate silver buckle. The BDU's are tucked into the tops of calf-high combat boots that look military issue. She's not wearing any jewelry, save for a black metal stud in one ear.

Distinguishing Features

Calavera is an unattractive woman in any elven eyes, despite being 'average' in any other metatypes eyes. She possesses short cropped hair and scarred features.

Mannerisms and Habits

Tacturn, Calavera never volunteers information about herself. Coldly professional, she maintains a strict military bearing. If you absolutely, positively have to have it fragged tonight, Calavera is your operative.


Calavera has recently joined a specialized group for magical advancement. She has no known magical capability however.


Fire Arms and Weapons

Winchester Gambler Heavy Derringer
Ares Alpha Assault Rifle (2)
+- Smartlink II
+- Underbarrel Minigrenade Launcher
+- Recoil Comp 2
Ares Predator III Heavy Pistols (4)

Switchblade Survival Knife
Ares Monosword (2)
Survival Knife (4)

Thermite Burning Bars (3 units)
Compound IV (10 kilos)
Radio Detonators (10)
Timer Detonators (10)


Ex UCAS Military HMMWV
+- Armor (Rating 5)
+- HMMWV Top Ring Mount (Ares Alpha)
+- Winch (Rating 4)
+- White Spot Light
+- Infrared Spot Light
+- Photo-voltic Chameleon Paint
+- Drive-By-Wire Systems
+- Transponder Library (Rating 6)
+- Morphing License Plate
+- Sensors (Rating 5)

Other Gear

Form-Fitting Armor (Full Suit)
Forearm Guards
Armor Jacket
Ares HD-2 Helmet
Hardliner Gloves
Shock Gloves
Steel Toed Boots
Secure Long Coat
Camouflage Full Suit
High Powered Binoculars
Tactical Radio
Gas Mask
Survival Kit (2)
Expendable Anchoring Foci (Armor Rating 4, 3 units)


>>>>> [Grade A bitch, don't look for people skills. Grade A efficient, want something done? She can do it. Has a way of looking at a job and spotting the simple, quick and efficient method to execute the objectives. Literally.] <<<<<
-Felix (23:35:01/02-13-70)

>>>>>[ Gracias. ]<<<<<
- WickedSkullz (00:05:01/02-14-70)

>>>>> [ Competent. Deadly. Ruthless. Utterly reliable once she's accepted a job. Does not, however, suffer fools gladly. Waste her time, and she may just waste you. ] <<<<<
-Eastwood 3:16 (12:32:05/02-14-70)



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