Name Ereth bot'Nko
AKA Murphy Brown
Nationality CAS
Metatype Ork
Archetype Mercenary
Birthdate 2047
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"Scratch where it itches." - Translated from Or'zet


Bruddah is one of the stereotypical orcs, and we don't mean 'human with tusks'. He stands at roughly six foot two, most of that heavy build on his dark skin. Not bulky muscles, but heavy; Something earned by work rather than for looks at a gym. His broad frame is covered in miniscule scars and elaborate tattooes of nonsensical origin, most of which are a pale blue or white - the better to show up on his chocolate color.

His face is almost picture-perfect tri-vid cliche, with a squared off jaw that juts forward, two thick tusks curving over his lip and forcing him to have a heavy underbite; As if he were constantly sticking his chin out at the world. A coarse, thick beard keeps his features quite brutish while it follows his jawline. His brows are low, thick, brutish as they squat over dead grey eyes, with a few more nicks and rips showing in his features, including his ears; Both tips have been -gnawed- off, it would seem. The only thing not perfectly cliche is his hair, which is quite long and tied back in a 'male' tail - no braiding, leaving most of it to fall around his nape. Old white paint clings to his upper face, forming a skull that has half worn off by now, ending at his lower lip.

Distinguishing Features

The tips of his ears look like they've been gnawed off by some sort of animal.

Mannerisms and Habits

He has a hard time pronouncing English, teeth were never blunted in the traditional style. Understands it perfectly well, though. Or'zet is easier, made for people with tusks.


Ran with his brother as duo pair. Hork got blasted by AzTech. Bad luck, they were running someone down while a team of Runners were heading the other way. He was scapegoated, otherwise no other known associations.


Expert tracker and hunter. Well versed in chasing after both paracritters or metahumans depending on the job. Skilled in many forms of combat as well as survival skills Bruddah can bring back his prey no matter where it tries to hide.


To come later.

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