"I would say something witty, but you are about to be dead. So it would be a complete waste of a good tag line."

- Whispering Breeze, 2068

"There is no such thing as good or evil, just a sliding pay scale."

- Whispering Breeze, 2070

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Whispering Breeze (AKA: Annie, Breeze, Whisper, Matrix: EarthMage)

Metatype: Homo Sapiens Nobilis (Mescalaro Apache). Her age and current physical capability indicates that she is most likely an elf, undoubtedly one of the earlier Spike Babies.

Vitals: 1.6 meters in height, approximately 40 kilos in weight. This information is based on her most favored guises with tolerance allowed for the height/mass variations on the Physical Mask spell.

DOB: Unknown (Sedona, Arizona. Now PCC Territory)

Nationality: Born in old United States. Most common operational range in CAS, UCAS and PCC/Sioux.
(Sin Status Unknown)

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Distinguishing Features: Rumored to make heavy use of Physical Mask spells. Reported descriptions generally considered unreliable.

Mannerisms and Habits: Adopts different mannerisms, habits and speech patterns depending on her current guise. In all personas, she is typically professional and almost militarily precise in her demeanor and attention to detail.

Associations: Draco Foundation Watchers, FFoS, La Cosa Nostra, Daughters of Hecate.

Known Capabilities: Very powerful Initiate Hermetic Mage with a wide array of demonstrated spells. Forensic specialist, Doctor, Enchanter, Talismonger, and in a somewhat odd twist has been known to be a vehicle rigger and capable decker as well.



>>>>> [ I used to work with (actually for) Breeze back in the Big Apple. She used to work for the Head Gamboni as his bodyguard, and did the occasional batch of wetwork. She can be cold and ruthless, but takes care of her people. ] <<<<<
-Golem (21:11:05/02-10-70)

>>>>> [ I love you too Golem. ] <<<<<
-EarthMage (21:18:22/02-10-70)

>>>>> [ Don't let her apparent old age fool you. She's quite possibly one of the deadliest mages I've ever been fortunate enough not to get on the wrong side of. ] <<<<<
Eastwood 3:16 (16:25:10/02-11-70)

>>>>> [ Breeze? Oh yeah. Totally tapped it. Like the rockies. I hit it. Like the fist of an angry god. ] <<<<<
- Billyray (17:25:10/02-09-70)

>>>>> [Anyone seen Billyray recently? ] <<<<<
- Narcojet (04:12:12/02-11-70)

>>>>> [ Look for something on a lily pad going 'ribbit'. ] <<<<<
- Eastwood 3:16 (16:28:21/02-11-70)

>>>>> [ This woman has forgotten more about magic than most will ever learn. Diverse spell portfolio and the ability to key magics on bodies have won this mage the respect of many in the shadow, corporate, and criminal societies. If you hire her, or work with her, do not cross her. She has killed more people than VITAS and won't even blink at removing you.] <<<<<
-Silk (15:18:42/02-11-70)

>>>>> [ Staring a large fountain spraying blue red flaming water near some forgotten exotic strip club on the East end, "Hey.. Bugsy, You remember that one time, we's sittin' at the Cafe off easy street? That car.. what was it, a fookin' Delorean flying down the high way at like 1.21 'jigawatts'?? I believe the news said it was like fifty elementals carrying a car down the highway.. well, I think that was Breeze." ] <<<<<
-Daemon Starks (21:11:05/02-10-70)

>>>>> [ I've began working with Breeze recently. I've learned a lot from her. ] <<<<<
-FireRoach (Thu Feb 18 20:41:16 2070)

>>>>> [ If you ever get the opportunity to work with her, you'd do well to spend some of your time watching how she operates. You'll live longer even if you only catch 1 or 2 chapters of her trilogy of knowledge and apply it. ] <<<<<
-Aquis (11:18:42/02-26-70)

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