Name Duncan Sorenson
AKA Blindside, BSyde
Nationality SLC Autonomous Zone
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Rigger.
Birthdate Feb 5th, 44
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"Bsyyyyyyyyyyyyyde in the HIZZZZZZZZZZZZZOUSE BIOTCH!"

"I'm not actually short. I just have a metric shitload of awesome, and the gravitational force of it is affecting your perceptions."


Blindside is, among other things, a dwarf. He's not an outstanding member of his metatype, being fairly average in almost every respect. He stands, when on his tip-toes, to 4'4 and appears to be in somewhere in his mid to late twenties. He has long blond hair, pulled back from his face and cascading down his back. The hair is impregnated with colored, pulsing fiber optic lines that switch colors every few seconds. The hair moves as though alive, rippling of its own accord at odd moments. His eyes are light blue, with streaks of neon color radiating out from the iris in chaotic patterns that shift and change. He has the look to him, in terms of ethnicity, of an American Euro-mutt. Behind his left ear, a slight dot of chrome marks his datajack.

He's dressed in a set of fashionable, upscale running clothes, with a massive gold chain around his neck. Hanging from the chain, is a gold plated FORD logo, with bling-gems set in to the lettering. He's got an oversized, fluffy jacket that is probably better looking than it is warm. On the back of the jacket is an embroidered sword and sheath. A cigarette hangs from his lips. The impression one gets from his is some sort of hip-hop vibe. When he speaks, its with a thick Detroit accent, a kind of midwest-meets-harlem pace.

Distinguishing Features

Dude fucks a robot and thinks he's black.

Mannerisms and Habits

Blindside is notorious robo-lover. Robot love is pure love, and his robots never giggle at him. He's gotten a bit more paranoid since he had a run in with the mob. By Paranoid, we mean 'bought a massive robot with cannons for arms that can kill anything on command' named Myrmidon.

That robot never giggles.


He holds the distinction between driver and rigger, disdaining those who can't actually drive their vehicles in addition to rigging them.


Known associates of Slinger, Silk and Dane, but has worked with many others. He runs the Mustang Ranch junk yard and Bar and is known to have beaten Damon Starks in a Street Race. Not a fan of the Mancini family, after they recently torched his bar.


Known to have several high performance vehicles and be a good rigger and a great driver.


Duncan Sorenson was born in the Salt Lake City, the Mormon-Run autonomous zone of the Ute Nation that borders the capitol of Provo. His family was pleasantly middle class, consisting of his father, Paul Sorenson (Human), Bishop of the Mormon Church and his wife, Mary Rorke-Sorenson, a dwarf like Duncan.

Duncan's childhood was what one could expect for the child of a Mormon leader and a house wife. Filled with toys, love, prosperity and security and fun religious parables. He didn't want for anything, was never abused, and never horribly scarred by seeing a loved one killed, never even touched in an inappropriate way by a crazy uncle. He, frankly, had a great childhood full of family and fun. He went to good schools, got great grades and made his family proud.

Really, the only thing he ever did wrong was drive his car far too fast, learning to tune it quite illegally. It was racing from Salt Lake City to Denver that Duncan cut his teeth on the world of fast cars and loose women. That would come back to haunt him later.

After graduating from High School, with an A in auto shop, Duncan attended Detroit University on an Engineering Scholarship established by Ares for dwarves. Somewhat racially stereotyped, but it got Duncan the education he wanted. While in Detroit, Duncan continued to race, getting a name for himself in the local circuit and inserting himself in to its raver-centric culture. It was here he got hooked on Novacoke and found the drug culture he loves so much.

After college, Duncan spent several years working for General Motors as an engineer. This is where he received the majority of his ware, to facilitate his job. Unfortunately, Duncan got in over his head with the racing scene and was forced by various factors to build a new car. He wasn't paid enough to build one from scratch, so starting slowly; he stole the parts from General Motors to outfit a vehicle. Starting with a Mustang, he slowly built a massively powerful sports car using the plans for a scrapped police interceptor and mobile command center.

A few favors here, a few favors there, and he finished the vehicle just in time for General Motors to catch on to his embezzlement. He fled Detroit with his ill gotten gains, with General Motors hot on his trail. He came to Denver, knowing a few people here, knowing he can hide his car here, among a sea of people and 6 different nations.

So there you have it. Duncan Sorenson; Hunted by General Motors, a AA corporation, looking for some action and to break in to the shadowrunning world. Unfortunately, he's not got the background to support the usual anti-establishment attitude most runners have. After all, he wasn't even touched inappropriately as a child.

>>>>>[ B-Syde! Blindside is a driver without compare as well as an excellent mechanic and operative. Another in the line of 'look past the cover', those that mistake his manner of speaking and style of dress for inexperience are destined to miss out on one of the West's better runners. He brings not only extensive information on robotics, electronics, and smuggling to the table, but his own personal army as well. My first choice for rigger operations.] <<<<<
-Silk (21:14:42/02-10-70)

>>>>>[ Always a riot to work with. Fine vehicles, and a fine sense of fair-dealing when you get down to it. There are too few real drivers left in this town: I look forward to our next race. If you ever want to learn how to hit, mio amico, come on over to the boss's gym and you can work out for free.] <<<<<
-Reed (5:23:43/12-31-70)

Noted Vehicles










Mutt and Jeff




Leviathan - King of the Road


The Mustang Ranch, Home Base

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