"Buckle up Chummers! Safety first! Guns and Knives second!" -Bengal

SIN ID# PUB-14610-001TKF-000D21-J79
SIN name Samantha Cardoza
SIN type Criminal
Nationality PUB
Licenses CCL Pistols
Details 6 Counts Manslaughter, Ex-Stunt Coordinator


  • The human woman before you stands at around 5'4" (162cm) and weighs maybe around 125 pounds(56kgs). She's fit enough in her appearance but lacks muscle definition. She looks far more built for speed than strength. She has raven hair in a bobcut, parted on the left. She appears to have lucked out as a set of scars on her face tell the tale of someone who almost lost both eyes. The scars appear deeper on the right cheek than on the left and stop just short of her cold greyish-blue eyes. Thick dark eyebrows gently arch over those eyes. She has a straight nose that shows a little scar on the left side of it. Full lips round out the pleasant but marred face. Her facial structure suggests a Latino heritage with her skin having a kiss of brown in it.

Distinguishing Features

  • Scars on her right cheek, left cheek, and left side of her nose.

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Likes to drive fast.
  • Can be hotheaded. It's the Latina blood.
  • Drinks and smokes.
  • Soft spot for kids.
  • Loves action movies.


  • Jenny Hargrave, Media Star out of LA.


  • If it has wheels and an engine she can drive it.
  • Not shabby on the stick for planes and choppers.
  • If the car is dead give her some tools to fix it.
  • Have stunts, will plan them. She's good at it.
  • She has the gift of gab. She can negotiate… aggressively if needed.

Background Checks

If you want to get information on Bengal before or after you meet her use the standard Matrix search rules but the number of successes lets you know how deep into the information dump you can go on the below lists.

Simple Search


  • You find several news articles and video reports about a horrific accident on the set of a movie called Desert Angels that was being filmed in Nevada. Samantha's name comes up in the articles and reports as the stunt coordinator in charge of the stunt that went wrong. She was driving the stunt car that lost control and ended up killing one of the executive producers of the movie, a man named Augustus Santini. Also killed in the accident was Santini's wife Juliana, their eight-year-old daughter Sarisa, and another producer named Johnathon Parks, along with his wife Rebecca and a family friend named Harold Cross. A half a dozen others were injured, including Samantha. Photos of Samantha are plastered all over the news feeds as well as footage of the car flipping end over end into the VIP pit where everyone was standing.


  • You find even more news feeds following her trial in which she was charged with six counts of manslaughter. She was eventually found guilty on all six counts after taking a plea deal to get her sentence lowered from 60 years to just 15 years. She was sent off to the Women's Correction Facility of LA to start serving her sentence in 2081.


  • A few headlines pop up three years after Sam was sent to prison talking about her getting out of jail early. Still, immediately she was pounced on by the three families of the victims and they successfully sued her and New Line for a whopping 6.2 million Nuyen in damages. Other blog posts and fan site entries talk about how Sam was unfairly blamed for all of it and that her being blacklisted in the industry was a conspiracy. Several fan sites adored her work and thought she was one of the most badass stunt ladies in the industry at the time.

Standard Search


  • Public search records show she was born in Los Angeles on October 15th to Mateo and Benita Cardoza. She is a citizen of the Pueblo Corporate Council. She is about to be 30 years old and her current SIN ID is flagged as a Criminal Sin due to her being found guilty of six counts of manslaughter (If you did not do a Simple search you may do one now with a +1 dice pool to your search). She graduated from high school in 2072. She received mechanical engineering training at the Gearheads Workshop trade school near Longbeach. She ended up working in her father's automotive repair business after graduating.


  • You find records of her enrolling at the Action Factory Stunt Academy in Santa Clarita back in 2075 and she graduated top of her class. Looks like she was picked up by New Line for their stunt division in 2077. She is credited in 10 different movies as a stunt performer and later as a stunt coordinator.


  • You find official reports from her stunt trainer Jackie Matsuda talking about her driving being magically influenced somehow. He has never seen anything like it but it gave her the edge when performing stunts behind the wheel of a stunt car. There were a few incidents she was involved in on set where she should have been injured but she walked away from the wreck without a scratch.
  • You find information on a brother she had named Armando. He was killed by LA police in a shootout following a carjacking gone wrong. The kid was shot over thirty times but was found to be unarmed after the investigation into the shooting was concluded. The Cardoza family tried to sue the police but the case was dismissed.. several times.

Detailed Search


  • You find information on Samantha having worked for a BTL production company called Blazing Horizons BTL Services. She did adrenaline burnout BTLs for speed freaks and thrill seekers wanting to know what it's like to race and be in car accidents. Some of her work was not… legal but she never got busted nor the company. This looks like it was around 2079 or 2080 time frame.


  • You find a thread on a Shadowhaven BBS that is time-stamped back in 2081 about a sabotage run being formed. They were looking for runners with hacking and or rigging experience. VIP wetwork is part of the gig but it has to look like an accident. The target is the Horizon Corporation and a man named Augustus Santini, an executive producer for Pathfinder Multimedia who owns New Line and all of them are owned by the Horizon Corporation. Interested parties were sent a link to an information data vault but the link no longer works. The name of the film was Desert Angels being filmed out in the Nevada desert. Samantha's name comes up in the briefing because it's her car they are going to use to take out the VIP target.
Name Samantha 'Sam' Cardoza
AKA Bengal
Metatype Human
Archetype Physical Adept
Birthdate Oct 15th, 2054
Nationality PUB
Hair Dark Black
Eyes Blue
Skin Tan
Height 1.62 (5'4")
Build Fit and Trim
Cyber None
Fashion Mix of Grunge and Street/Rocker Chic
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