Name Shameela Amari
AKA Bagheera
Country CAS-Atlanta//
Metatype // HUMAN //
Archetype RIGGER
Birthdate //Mar 24, 2039
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"Anhd youh'all cahll *THAT* fahst, Sugah??."


Standing at nearly 6'1", she is supermodel tall, with the dark, dusky complextion of someone from the Indian subcontinent. Her hair tumbles in ebon waves to mid-back, as her enigmatic dark eyes sparkle with merriment. A datajack gleams behind her ear, prominent with the way she sweeps her hair, connect point inlaid with what looks to be lapis and silver jack-jewelry. She's slender without being skinny. Her torso is muscular, yet curved nicely. Her stomach and waist are trim, and her hips slightly narrow. Her ears are clearly a hot Mod-job, sweeping through her hair in ebon-black metallic points, twitching and moving with her every thought.

She's wearing a brilliant white resistweave jumpsuit, boldly blazoned with a red W, the This thin, tough suit hugs her slender form, revealing more than it conceals, with rainbow highlights running down the fabric with every move. Her feet are clad in boots of the same white fabric, with spiked heels, more than 3" tall. A long, flexible tail twitches behind her, seeming to be made of some gleaming black material. She looks like a Racergal, but must be a posergal, 'cause you certainly can't drive with heels like that. The zipper on her jumpsuit has slid down nearly a third of the way, revealing more of her dark skin. The suit ends at the wrists in small metal cuffs, with matrix lights blinking on and off in random patterns. Behind her lashes a long, black-skinned Techno-tail, smooth and sleek.

She seems to have a somber cloud hanging over her, somewhere…and yet, the mischief dancing in her eyes guarantees that this doesn't stop her having a good time.

Distinguishing Features

Catgirl! You know the drill

Mannerisms and Habits

Always Speaks with a Southern Accent, except when Rigged. Damn Yankee programmers.


Myriad and many. Been around since before time began. Or some Denverites say. Knew Mr. Southerland when he was just a multi-millionaire.


Top Rigger, Decker, and Racer. Deliveries anywhere, anytime, guaranteed!


She came to Denver, a champion of the Southern Killracing circuit. She's been here for years and years, and is extensively cybermodded with catgirl fansystems. Married severla times, she's either divorced, widowed, or abandoned several times. Swears she won't get involved seriously anymore.

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