Name Namir Ya'ari
AKA Aviv
Nationality Israel
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept Shadow Op
Birthdate November 5, 2036
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Magen VeLo Yera'e (Defender that shall no be seen/The unseen shield


Messily styled on top of his head is short black hair. It shines lightly from the oil, or styling product, probably a mix of both. A stripe has been dyed white going across the right side of his head. In his ears are a pair of green half inch tunnels. Behind his right ear is a red nautical star tattoo and behind his left is a blue star of David. His skin is naturally tan and from what's visible he has an athletic build

When visible he has full sleeve tattoos on both arms.

Distinguishing Features

Attention to color coordination.
Star of David tattoo behind left ear.

Mannerisms and Habits

Tends to stay to himself unless approached. He enjoys any and all electronics and wastes alot of his free time on video games (new and old emulators).


None, other than rumors of Shin Bet training.


Infiltration (non social engineering)
Highly athletic (parkour background)
Excellent firearm control (pistols)
Staying unseen and unheard when needed.


Rumored to once belong to the Shin Bet but left, unauthorized, after being assigned a mass assassination on a warehouse full of innocent civilians.

>>>>> [ An up-and-coming that, like a good stock, show promise for doubling in value. When he gets past the 'Critical Point' in Denver shadowlife, you'll see the full market value. Until then, you can get premmie talent at half the premium. ]<<<<<
-Aquis (03:58:01/03-16-70)

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