Aurora Six
Name Hector Philippe Manuel Cortez
AKA Aurora Six, El Gusano,
Bernardo Cesare Marcuccilli
Nationality El Salvador
Metatype Homo sapiens robustus
Archetype Mercenary
Birthdate 9/3/2034
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"What is it exactly that you are afraid of? Sure there are two dozen armed heat signatures outside. But God is with us even here and now and no matter how much you cower you will not live one nanosecond longer than he wills it. So stand, arm yourselves and lets make sure that if this is our end we have something entertaining to tell Saint Peter in the hopes that he'll let the rest of you past the gates."


A two hundred or so centimeter tall Ork built a bank vault. While the long graying black hair and crows feet seem to indicate that he is getting a bit long in the tooth he has the physique of someone who works out twenty seven hours a day and moves with a fluidity of a dancer.

Distinguishing Features

206 cm tall
136 kg
Dusky grayish blue eyes
Black hair with a sprinkling of gray.
Tattoo of the ten commandments in Spanish on a stone tablet on his back.
Tattoo of Romans 13:1 and Romans 13:2 in black in in Spanish on his chest

Mannerisms and Habits

Dresses for wherever he might find himself but prefers the finer things in life. He is equally comfortable in a fine Italian silk suit as he is in dirty biker leathers.


Los Anarchistas
Bravo Company
Project Tequila Sunrise
CAS Department of Military Science
Servizio per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza Militare
Russian Vory


Unnaturally high level intellect
Tactical analysis
Wildcat Master (5th scar)
Master Chemist
Master Engineer
Master Physicist
Highly proficient with small and medium arms


A former ghetto rat of the empire of blood currently occupying Mexico, he has fought and clawed his way up and out in the attempt to turn the table on the oppressors and free his homeland. He has and will use any means necessary from legal to criminal, moral to immoral to achieve his goal sacrificing himself for the greater good.

>>>>> [ I was piloting a Red Cross helicopter staging out of Buckley AFB during that nasty plague in the Warrens a while back. Nasty situation. We got word that a group of armed locals were standing guard in a building full of sick civilians to prevent the rioters from breaking in and killing them all. We thought we'd try to help them out by making a hot drop of food, water and medical supplies. At some point someone identifying himself as 'Aurora Six' cracked our encrypted comm frequencies and warned us that two armed unmarked drones had us painted. I didn't see anything on sensors and rather than ordering evasive maneuvers, the comm officer decided to argue with him. We took at least one hit right where the tail joins the fuselage and the last thing I remember was hitting a building at about eighty. When i came around in triage back at Buckley the nurses told me that some big guy in full armor lead a small band of locals to the crash sight and evacuated the only survivor they could find - me. Then held off hostile fire for as long as it took Buckley to get an HRT chopper in the air to get me out of there. I lost a leg to the crash and my left hand to devil rats that were swarming the area but that's a hell of a sight better than being street pizza. I'm hope this guy's still out there somewhere. I'd like to buy him a beer some day. ] <<<<<
-RC116 (Mon January 18 01:26:06 2070)

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