Audible Noise
Name Keven Wyse
AKA Audible Noise, Odd
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Otaku
Birthdate Feb 2, 2055
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"Best move on, pops, before you get your brain fried."


Somewhat long black hair covers this human's head. Olive green eyes peek out from underneath his hair, adding color to the teen's otherwise pale face. The teen appears to still be a few years away from adulthood, and his body is clearly still growing. He's taller than average for his age, but seems to be fairly malnourished. If he got some food and exercise into him, and was a tad bit older, he'd be extremely attractive to most people.

Distinguishing Features

The most noticeable things about the teen are his sickly appearance, and his two datajacks, one behind each ear.

Mannerisms and Habits

Attempts to maintain a confident air most of the time, but it tends to fail spectacularly when he gets embarrassed. He tends to show disdain for anyone who appears to be older than twenty or so.


Audible attempts to keep his online and offline lives separate, avoiding linking his Matrix Persona with his physical life. As such, most of his contacts only known him as one or the other.

Audible Noise is well known among those who frequent the Shadowlands BBS and the Denver Nexus, although few know of his Otaku nature.

Keven Wyse, on the other hand, can only be found in the UCAS Sector of Denver, usually in the Warrens. He's rumored to be part of a teen street gang.


-Highly Matrix proficient.
-Capable at Electronics use and construction/deconstruction.


Not publicly available.

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