Name Ash
Nationality Ute or Pueblo - it's complicated
Metatype TROLL
Archetype SAMURAI
Birthdate November 24, 2043
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"There's a difference between "Resting in Peace" and "Resting in Pieces." I would've thought you'd know that …"


Wide set gray eyes meet yours and move on, never resting on any one thing for long. They are set in a face that is distinctly trollish and yet there are differences. The skin is smooth, almost like a norm's, not at all lumpy or knotted. The tusks are much smaller and symmetrical. Whether due to genetics or dentistry, their size definitely helps with both diction and to avoid the drooling so common in others. Straight, jet-black hair frames his face and flows back to the leather band which holds the ponytail in place at the nape of his neck. The hands that extend from the sleeves of his jacket are no stranger to hard work. But here, too, careful grooming is evident. The nails are clean and trimmed short. You notice a simple silver band encircling the thumb of his right hand.

His clothes are clean and utilitarian. Sturdy work or combat boots solidly anchor him to his spot on the ground. Clean, but worn black jeans grip his hips and are held there by a leather belt notched into a large, oval, silver buckle. His undershirt is an old-school "wife-beater" and he's topped that with a blue denim workshirt. Over it all drapes a black or dark gray coat. Bigger than a jacket but not quite as long as a duster, the coat is open at the front allowing access to pockets and anything else hidden beneath it. Resting on his collarbone, suspended from his neck on a silver chain is a turquoise medallion wrapped in silver wire.

Distinguishing Features

Smaller than the usual trog; different too. Smooth skin; small, symmetrical tusks … Don't think I'd underestimate him based on appearances, though. Might be a really bad idea.

Mannerisms and Habits

If you shoot at him first, he WILL shoot you back. He's definitely habitual in that regard …


None at the moment.


I can think of a good way to find out. But some information is best left unverified …


NOTE: (Unless Ash has revealed any of this to you ICly, this information is strictly OOC. He doesn't make a habit of sharing his story. It's provided here for color and fun and to help make SR Denver more attractive and fun.)

Sneaking out of the Ft. Defiance orphanage and wandering the city taught me the value of stealth. It let me find the Vicious Circle fight club where I worked as a bar back and later the star of Take the Trog if you can!

When I left the orphanage, I even lived at The Circle. Until I came in one day and found the owner with two in the head. The Doc who patched up club fighters was who I called to deal with the body. Before he left he told me to look him up in Gallup if I was interested in work. I told him if the offer was real I'd ride back with him.

He was Gallup's best cyberdoc and I served as his #4 man for 3 years. I didn't make much nuyen, but the perks rocked. A Cerebral Booster and Slink 2 helped me learn and shoot.

One night we picked up a large shipment. I was in the basement garage putting it away when they killed Doc, Rick and Bud before I knew what happened. I killed the 1st guy down the stairs. #2 asked me to surrender. I killed him and they set the place on fire. I tried to leave but found a sniper on overwatch.

I loaded Doc's Nomad with our guns, the cyber shipment, various kits and supplies. I tossed it on top of the Doc's standard medical load, fired it up and drove out through the door just as part of the ceiling collapsed. 5 clicks outside town I stopped to see what was banging on the roof. It was Doc's safe that fell through the floor. I put it in the back and kept driving - east to Santa Fe.

Doc's little black book hooked me up with a Santa Fe doc. At first he declined to install the cyber and stuff from the shipment. But money from the safe and a later judicious kidnapping of a family member convinced him otherwise.

While I healed, I customized the weapons and started practicing with the Alpha. I got the Nomad fixed up and added a troll sized seat for comfort. Turns out Doc had it pretty well tricked out already. A year passed with odd jobs, healing and learning. When rumors said the Star was looking for me for Doc's murder I headed to Denver.

I still had a ton of cash from Doc's safe and so I laid low and got the feel of the city. Easy to fit in here and get lost. I found a squat near a club called Daddy's Money and chummed up the barkeep, Diamond. He turned me on to a few jobs and when I caught a round on one, scored me a good Doc.

The best thing he ever did, though, was introduce me to Pack Rat. PR was a great fixer if you needed things like bullets, guns and gear. Not so much for magic or info. After doing a few jobs for him, he asked for help with a personal problem. I helped find the mole in his org and as he was turning the traitor over to another of his friends for processing, he introduced me to Sarge. Sarge owns Vigilant Security and knows things.

After PR's introduction, I started doing odd jobs for Sarge, too. Before I knew it, another 2 years had passed. I had acquired a few things, gotten settled in and was enjoying my life. Out of nowhere, the thought hit me that Doc deserved justice. I've been looking down that trail though it's 3 years cold.

Time to heat it up. Won't they be surprised. When they ask me who it is that's about to kill them. I'll tell them Ash, cuz that's what's left when a fire burns out!

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