Name Arachne
AKA Mary Conner, Running Spider, Dancing Widow, Alice Edgars, Tayauh Tamzin
Nationality ???
Metatype Mostly Harmless
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate Enigmatic
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"They say no plan survives first contact with the enemy."


How to describe Arachne?

She's short, but she fills the room. Her personality is quiet, but at the same time, no matter how quietly she speaks, people tend to listen. Her features are pale, her eyes dark and intense, eyebrows, thin, plucked, hair allowed to cascade past her shoulders in a dark wave. This is a woman to whom all things come easily. A face untouched, unscathed, by the horror of modern living. Perfect skin. Beautiful, full lips.

She's a little on the thin side. In fact, she looks like a strong breeze might blow her over. Reed thin, but, for all that, she doesn't look unhealthy, exactly. Just, naturally frail.

Distinguishing Features

Arachne usually has a golden amulet somewhere on her person, which depicts a spider, inset with shards of obsidian. She is rarely without a spider somewhere on her person, too.

Mannerisms and Habits

Arachne is softly spoken, rarely raising her voice. She dislikes surprises, and seems to keep a fairly nocturnal schedule where possible. She also has an aversion to eating most food, and drinking anything other than water.

She doesn't tolerate unnecessary cruelty, however. No matter if it is against another sentient being, a spirit, or the smallest insect.

Most know her from her dealings, and in business she sticks to a very stringent code. Arachne seeks to find the happy ground where a fair amount is paid, and a fair amount received by all parties involved. She treats everyone equally in this, regardless of their background, relation to her, or who they represent. It is an odd policy in a day and age so obsessed with reputation, but it has served her well.


Many and varied.


Obtaining and redistributing gear, information, services and nuyen.
Talking to people.
Making plans.
Staying calm under pressure.
Avoiding getting shot.
Mysterious magical power.
Breeding spiders.


Who is Arachne?

Well, she arrived in Denver some months ago from somewhere in Europe. She's wasted no time making numerous contacts throughout various areas of the Denver Metroplex. Fitting in as easily amongst the gangers as she has amongst the business elite and everyone in between.

That's who she is. But how she became this? Well, that's a story nobody really knows.


Scuffed Boots

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>>> [As a Johnson, reasonably polite, calm under pressure. Reacts very badly to re-negotiation, even when warned in advance of that eventuality. Will give a B rating for now. May mature into something more, given the right encouragement.]
- The Black Cat (21:08:33/11-23-70)
>>> [Actually, Mr. Cat, I only react badly when ignorant runners decide to try and strongarm me. If you are who I think you are, rest assured, our paths will not cross again. I care not for your rating, or encouragement.]
- Arachne (21:12:44/11-23-70)
>>> [Ah well, it seems not then.]
- The Black Cat (23:36:33/11-26-70)
>>> [Couldn't hack it. Dead.]
- Import/Export (11:21:09/05-19-75)
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