Name Angela
AKA Angel, Doc
Nationality UCAS
Metatype HUMAN
Birthdate Nov 5, 2035
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"Disturb my patients again, dear, and I'm popping your other kneecap. Now hold still."


By human standards, Angela is quite a looker for her age. Fair skin, blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, and a slender figure. Only real detriment could be her height, the woman is barely three inches over five feet with her shoes on.

Distinguishing Features

Generally she looks just like any other pretty blonde you'd see on the street, though she doesn't look 'modified' at all. If anything, her habit of wearing a brown trench coat and carrying a black messenger bag is pretty distinct.

Mannerisms and Habits

She's quiet and kind, generally warm to most folks unless someone shoots at her, or her charges. In addition to her particularly motherly habits, she tends to call most people she's speaking to 'dear,' for some reason or another.


Max Headroom - Johnson
Lilith - Cyberdoc
Jake Silveira - Fixer

Argos - Decker
Cannonball - Rigger
West - Sammie
Janie - Shaman
Dalton - Shaman
Reyes - Gangster


Angela is surprisingly lacking in many of the abilities more powerful characters posess. She's got a respectable collection of 'ware but most of it is utility oriented only. Her eyes are artificial, packed with low-light, no-light, and microscopic augments to facilitate better doctoring in different situations. Her wired reflexes allow her faster reactions during emergencies. And lastly, her bioware enhances her mental fortitude, allowing her superior intelligence and memory functions to retain knowledge of anatomy and medical procedures.

Her strengths lie not in fighting, but in her medical expertise. She's a talented trauma surgeon, excellent at first aid, and a decent morale officer when things aren't looking good. Plus she's generally well equipped, for being footmobile.

Combat-wise, the good doctor is a competent leader when the chips are down, her running experience giving her insight on tactics. As far as fighting ability, she's a respectable shot with a handgun, and has some experience with a knife, or her fists, if things come to blows close-up.


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