"I have four questions…"

"Who or what? Where? When? How much?"


Andi is tall, with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. Being an elf, she's also good-looking - while there are elven women who outshine her in terms of appearance, she's right up at the top of the heap in that department.
Actress: Ali Germaine Landry


Andi's very skilled in unarmed combat. Very athletic, she's also skilled as a sniper and in armed combat (in which she favors whip-like weapons). Good on a bike, too, she's also talented in disguising her appearance as needed for a job, including use of masks and cyberware to better change her overall appearance. She's also got a good ear on the streets and knows her way around a handgun. On top of all this, she's fully fluent in five languages (Italian, French, German, Japanese, and English), in addition to the 'city slang' that's used pretty well everywhere.


Andi's without any qualms about doing wetwork - especially if it's from a distance when she can use a sniper rifle to take out her target. She's in the biz for the thrill and the cash, and definitely ain't wearing a white hat - she'll shoot the little old lady down the street, if the pay's right.

Name Andi
A.K.A. Anais dei'Boeschi
Archetype Mercenary (Sniper/Assassin)


Andi's very new to the shadows, so you can assume she's green as hell, even if she is smart and stocked up on a pretty lethal arsenal of cyberware and bioware. She's not a Denver native, originally from Europe, and rumors hold that she left the Euroshadows to avoid fallout from an op that went very bad for her and her team.


Mother (Maria Isabella), Father (Nicolas), Brother (Marco), Sister (Maria Antonia), Sister (Maria Cecelia), paternal grandparents, paternal grandmother, miscellaneous cousins/uncles/aunts
All of these relatives live in Europe, mostly in Italy.

Real Name Maria Arieta D'Aspromonte
Metatype Homo Sapiens Nobilis (Elf)
Birthdate August 21, 2034


Arieta's family is affiliated with one of the minor mafia families in southern Italy, although not part of 'the family' per se. As such, it wasn't hard for Arieta to find her way into the shadows at the relatively young age of 15, when she started playing 'delivery runner' for the local mafia groups. It wasn't long before she got her hands on a fake SIN under the name of Anais dei'Boeschi, from a decker she knew only as 2Bits, which she started using right away.

She funneled the money she earned doing 'small jobs' for the local mafia into a few pieces of cyberware and martial-arts lessons, which made her able to start taking on other shadow-work. Her first 'real job' in the shadows was a hit on the island of Sicily. Success on that job earned her the money for more personal augmentations which made her more capable… and it went on from there.

She learned to speak French and German on the road. She eventually had a Mnemonic Enhancer added to her already-long list of personal augmentations and paid for language lessons to polish off her native Italian as well as her French and German, learning English and Japanese along the way, developing native-level fluency in all her additional languages (save the city-slang that everyone learns along the way).

Her language skills opened up her employment opportunities in the shadows, and she started taking on simple infiltration jobs and branched out from there to sniping, and decided she liked that particular niche. Without forgetting what she'd learned along the way, and continuing her martial arts lessons throughout, she went on to become a true Eurorunner, working the shadows all over Europe.

Eventually, of course, she "settled in" with a team of other runners with whom she started working on a regular basis. They had a great deal of success as a team, scoring big and living large - and this led to them taking on a job that ended up being beyond their capabilities. The team was shattered, with only Andi surviving the immediate fallout (thanks to her role as sniper having kept her out of harm's way).

Andi returned to the place she shared with one of her teammates, clearing out her things and leaving the place looking, as best she could, as if only one person lived there. She left just in time - from across the street, she watched as corporate "men in suits" entered her former teammate's apartment. Seeing this, and hoping she hadn't been noticed and identified, Andi fled Italy after only a quick goodbye to her family via telephone.

She started trying to get in touch with her contacts, and found that one of them had been taken out - the corporation against which her team'd just failed was tracking down her team's contacts! She warned off as many of her team's contacts as she could, without giving herself away as a surviving member of the team. Then she called 2Bits for help.

It took almost all her remaining bankroll of cash to get herself out of Europe and set up to run the shadows, again - this time in Denver. 2Bits even helped her get in touch with a fixer and an arms dealer in that area, and left her a way to contact him if she ever needed him to do any trix-work for her. (Throwing heaps of money at a decker really can help get things done, after all, and get him to wanna work with you again in the future.)

So now Andi's found herself, pretty well all-of-a-sudden, in Denver, looking for work in shadows to which she's totally new.

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