Name Amy Kingsley
AKA Amelia Rey
Ames Delmar
Sylvia Stingray
Amee Huntington
Nationality CalFree
Metatype Human
Archetype Face
Birthdate 2-14-2056
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"If I'm like shooting someone, then something went way wrong."


This is a fresh, young woman of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens variety. She's five-foot-four (1.6m) with a slim build. She's athletic, and not curvy at all apart from child-bearing hips, not fat or excessively muscled. She has long black hair, tied in two long pigtails. Her face is slim, with big brown eyes. Her skin is fair, but her face has a healthy tan from the sun of awarm place.

She wears a light sundress, red cotton, with a print of yellow flowers, held on her shoulders by two little straps, and hangingly loosely against her body down to the knee.

Strapped around her waist is a thin pink band of material, supporting a small purse purse on her left hip. The thin straps of her beige sandals wrap around her feet.

Mannerisms and Habits

Often wears very high-end dresses when on a job, though has to scale back to casual dresses when going to less-desirable parts of town. Speaks like she's from California. Very much so.


Been working a lot with Oz, Blackheart, and that circle.


I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. No really, I do. You want me negotiating. You want me buttering people up. You want me making nice.


From Perris, California, her family started off 'middle class' in the family headed by a good corporate worker. Then the earthquake and the invasion threw everything off, so times got hard and she ended up the 'face' of a teenage gang of ruffians. Gang activities led them to run into some runners in the process of failing a job. Amy and the rest saw money in it, and tries to take over themselves. Most of them died, but a few got to Denver and made millions. But fearing for her safety, Amy plowed her cash into becoming an effective runner herself, and so that's how she got mixed up in this stuff in Denver.

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