Name Alyse
AKA Dr Al.
Nationality Unknown
Metatype Elf
Birthdate April 6, 2046
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"Just because you understand how something works, doesn't make it any less magical."


She stands a little short for an elf, but then that still leaves her around about 5'9" tall. Though youthful looking in an elven way, it's clear she's no child. Her hair is straight and blonde, and if it hanging loose might frame her face nicely. However, it's usually pulled back into a simple bun set high on her head, bound tightly to her scalp and held in place by simple tie and hair pins. The effect is to make that blonde hair sit somewhere between an oriental style and business-like, but either way it keeps it out of her deep blue eyes.

Being of slim athletic build Alyse tends to look more like your usual dance-statured elf type then a practicing physician

Distinguishing Features

Lacking any tattoos or truely unique marks Alyse would be extremely difficult to identify without a picture as a description of 'pretty blonde elf' is rather common in most places. She lacks any cyberware with which to identify her by. She is known to often wear a white leather jacket socially and tends to carry a black messenger bag with her medical supplies, but usually changes outfits for legwork and running.

Mannerisms and Habits

Upon her first arrival to Denver and the shadows Alyse was a quiet and somewhat shy woman who was rather hesitant to resort to violence and detested using lethal force to solve a problem. A rather poor magician who'd only been schooled in the healing arts to complement her medical skills Alyse was uncomfortable using magic for anything other then patching others up and tended to shy away from fighting when she could.

Much has changed in the year and a bit she has been here. In the shadows one tends to either grow up, or never grow another year. Close calls, new friends and near-fatal woundings have taken their toll on the elf doctor. Becoming more familier with a gun Alyse still doesn't actively seek to bring death to anyone, but those hesitations have been drummed out as she learned it's always better to be the one pulling the trigger.

Her magic has evolved too, her skills with telekinetic powers becoming a corner-stone of the impressive reputation she's began to build.


Doctor Alyse has built up a large list of acquaintances and even a few friends in the time she's been in Denver. While she doesn't name names, it's known that she has been able to call on skilled peoples of almost every field from medical, to magical, to 'threat disposal'.

She maintains a list of clients for whom she provides acute trauma care (usually gunshot related) and transimplant surgery. Usually at a fee of course.

Known abilities

Aside from her medical knowledge and initial healing-only knowledge, Alyse has been known to demonstrate a growing aptitude for combat magics.
She shows a distinct favoritism towards levitation and telekinetic powers, her love of flight (well mediated by common sense) is known to some.

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