"The 'community' is fickle, reputation is everything."

OOC Readme: These tabs are organized by IC information anyone with an applicable Shadowscene Players skill would have. Check your skill against the matrix. This is what IC information you would have.

Common Knowledge

A triple-A class shadowrunner who comes off as arrogant, picky and abrasive.

Services (Shadowrunner)


Extraction (Personnel)
Extraction (Materiel)
Physical Reconnaissance
Breaking & Entering


Non-Lethal Applications


Employer: Yakashima

Name Ragnar Johansson
AKA Air, Felix, Lucky, Rusty
Metatype Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Archetype Mercenary
Birthdate 30 Aug, 2031
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>>> [Professional. His work in customization is stunning, and by all reports his other work is equally precise. Does not take well to threats against his associates.]
- Silk (19:35:01/02-11-70)
>>> [The go to guy for customization. What corps don't sell, he can make.]
- Tinman (23:35:01/02-11-70)
>>> [He does good work, amazing work, and amazingly good work. If I could upload some of the custom engraving on this one gift he made I would but… yeah, cant for obvious reasons. He is a very direct man, which is great for buisiness deals and bad for small talk.]
- MeowMix3R (16:35:01/02-12-70)
>>> [And… some exclusive work (that I have personally witnessed) has been extremely wonderful. Mmhmm… On a more serious note, he does amazing gunwork and can team lead like nobody's business.]
- Misses Mittens (05:22:06/02-15-70)
>>> [Who the hell wrote this drek? He pay you enough you asslick? Somewhat abrasive my ass. This prick decides he doesn't like you, he's a total asshole. He even shot Flint just for hitting his girlfriend. He's crazy, stay away.]
- Trogluvr (01:13:56/09-21-74)
>>> [There's two sides to every story, the gentleman in question is somewhere in the middle. Tangentially we've been in the same circles, there's certainly worse people, but for the right price I'm sure you'll feel safe sharing a fox hole.]
- Henry (12:53:07/10-22-74)
>>> [This man makes me think of the famous epitaph of the Roman dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla: "No better friend, no worse enemy." Also, don't ask for his advice and then gainsay it. He'll think you're wasting his time.]
- Posh (19:11:02/11-23-74))
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