Name Arthur Olliverson
AKA Adema
Nationality Unknown
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Feb 21, 2049
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"It is Hollywood for wetwork."


A handsome looking young human male with no hair, green eyes, a almost perfect facial bone structure, and a obnoxious wit. This young male looks to be only in his late teens maybe early twenties. He has a almost perfect physigue and tends to be a ladies man. This has been well debated and established as more of a acted.
The young man usually is wearing a black tee shirt and exspensive faded jeans, around his neck is a shell necklace that is rumored to be enchanted. He wears black and white sneakers that he more less prefers cause they help him run better.
With Armor: Edema is usually wearing a amored vest underneath a armante cloak, Form Fitting Full Suit is also seen possibly, sometimes he is seen with a armored long coat.A long black belt that has various equipment gear on it, a katana and a Ares Slivergun are usually presented in the face of danger.

Known to change appearance alot

Distinguishing Features

None really, other then maybe his attitude.

Mannerisms and Habits

Very Sarcastic and obnoxious.





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