Name Louis Marconi
AKA Running Fox, Lee Jean, Chameleon, Ian Lusion, Chin Long
Nationality California Free State
Metatype Human
Archetype Infiltrator
Birthdate July 3, 2045
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"Sir, I assure you, I am more discreet than you could possibly imagine."


Individuals showing Asian, Native american, euro, negro, and hispanic coloring and physical traits have been heard to use the alias 'Chameleon'.

Distinguishing Features

Has variously appeared with what appeared to be indicators of full sleeve tattoos, facial scarring, elven physical traits, and orkish physical traits.

Mannerisms and Habits

Does not smoke in any guise.
Maintains calm through breathing exercises similar to Tai Chi.


Frost (Johnson/Runner)
Lilith (Madame/Runner)
Leonidas Carr (Fence)
Jennifer Dawn (Information broker)


Olympic class athlete
Master of stealth
Hand to hand combat
Capable of magically altering facial structure, skin tone, and voice at will


Watched a music video focusing on free running as a child and fell in love with the idea. 'built' his own free running style and training program, concentrating on flexibility, physical fitness, and speed, including Tai Chi. Noticed that free running had potential for infiltration and acquired licensing as a professional security consultant. Came to Denver for a consult, decided he liked the place and chose to stay. Used his background as a security consultant (read: professional break-in specialist) as an in for the Shadows. Now working as an infiltration specialist in the shadows.

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