Black Hole Safety Zone
Location The Denver Wells Fargo Building
Nationality UCAS
Start Date Jan 17th, 2010


Jan 17th: Wells Fargo explosion, enveloped by black fog.
Jan 18th: Shadowland reports it is a mana warp, mixed with 'shadow magic'.
Jan 19th: KE releases public statement on fog
Jan 20th: Isolation zone increased to 17th and 18th street.
Jan 28th: High altitude crane deployed.
Jan 31st: Avery (KE) tells people to bugger off on Shadowland, and that nobody's come out alive.
Feb 5th: Area around Wells Fargo degrading in property values.
Feb 6th: KE releases public statement on missing Ares strike force. Barricade increased to range from 15th and Welton, to 20th and Colfax. Nicknamed the 'Black hole'.
Feb 10th: Shadows raid evacuation teams. Many vanish.
Feb 12th: Walls around safety zone completed. Safety zone now a zero-zero zone.


(Near as we can tell):

  • A runner team caused a magical disaster of some kind on a botched run. It's explosion materialized a cloud of black fog that has turned the area into a mana warp suffused with 'shadow energy'. Some lightning spirits or possibly storm spirits were also seen.
  • After a runner team attempted to infiltrate the building and were all killed, with KE losing a magical mage trying to figure out what was going on, an Ares strike team was sent in. None of them have survived.
  • A runner named Bannon was a member of the team that went in there, but has gone to ground since KE has been beating the streets trying to find the guy for more information. He's a rigger and was likely off-site during the infiltration.
  • The barricaded area has expanded to four city blocks.
  • A powerful free spirit (a 'demon' in common parlance) is using the astral warp to funnel power into himself. Electrical, solar, heat from the environment, even the phantom power in Matrix lines. If not stopped, growth is exponential. It will cover all of Denver in a matter of days. Best foods are electricity and metahuman life energy.
  • Was growing at a rate of 1 meter per day. Growth has accelerated. Being is become more powerful by the day. Action required.
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