Name Lance Black
AKA Knight Blaze
Nationality UCAS
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype SHAMAN
Birthdate December 15th, 2053
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The human stands about at five foot ten, and his form may be what people can consider lithe yet toned. With skin that is a light bronze a bit, he has soft features which are quite handsome on average standard, rakish dimples about at his tan cheeks. The black hair framing the features of the male, which has a tone of platinum flecks to it, is a little unruly and curls about as the bangs reach about towards the cheeks. A medium amount of stubble settles about on his face. He has elven-like ears that look natural, but most of his features are human, except for his gaze which is dragon-like and a golden rose orange color with a cat-like shape to them. Often their color seems to shift subtly. There are markings upon his cheeks, burned in black on them.

Distinguishing Features

He has elven-like ears, as well as dragon-like eyes that have a golden rose orange color.

Mannerisms and Habits

He really seems to like coffee and tea, and has a tendency to enjoy comfort and relaxation. He also can be found at both low and upper class establishments, though he seems to favor places that are simple.


The Saints, Ares Macrotechnology, Elven Coalition.


Combat Shaman, Shotgun Specialist, Face, Researcher, Enchanter.


There is not much that is known on public record about the man, but rumors state that he is from Denver itself, and was once also in the employ of the UCAS Government. He seems to be a Shadowrunner with a specific goal in mind to complete. He is known for being on quite a few runs, which usually seem to be successful. He also seems to frequent middle class living, while his tendency is to eat and visit low and upper class establishments.

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