Name Paul "Biggie" Bingham
AKA Biggie, Bigman, Bigs, Charlie, Joe, Jebbidiah
Nationality UCAS born, Euro-Mut Decent
Metatype Human
Archetype Mage
Birthdate Only know to Family
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"It's no biggie"


Bigman, as the name implies, is not small. While clearly human, the man is almost tall as a troll, and perhaps just as wide. He stands at least 2.1m to 2.2m tall and comes close to 180kg. He has a slight gut, but he does carry it well, he isn't fat. He isn't exactly all muscle either. The parts of his arms that show, have tattoo's or red and deep orange flame's on his left arm from the wrist up, wrapping several ways around the arm. There is hints of other tat's on his right arm as well, above the elbow, as well as a set of flames that are crawling up the back of his neck. Several old and well healed burn scares are on his arms as well, like the fire of the tattoo's have burned his skin. His face is a bit rough but fairly clean shaven but his goatee and mustache which are well trimmed. His eyes are a baby soft blue. His hair is cut short, but messy or completely bald.

Distinguishing Features

If ya ever catch his arms above the elbow he has several flame tattoo's, and he has several healed burn marks up and down his arms. The back of his neck has a tattoo of fire as well. A large phoenix tattoo covers his back. His hair style changes often from bald to short and messy.

Mannerisms and Habits

Biggie isn't exactly the most suave. He is young, and so it shows, with the way he holds him self and the way he talks to others. While most youth have a naive look at life, Biggie is always searching for more answers to anything that someone wants to teach him. He isn't inexperience mind you, in fact just the opposite. Bigman has seen a lot in his life with his family history, and his magical talents, and when the situation calls for it he is able to step up and play his part with etiquette and poise. With the recent honor of being made 2nd in command for Joey Lucciano, he has realized that his youthful mannerisms won't be an excuse for mistakes.


Joey Lucciano

Several magical members of the community, shadows and legit.

He is the CEO and owner of Bigg Security. A firm working out of the USAC FTZ.
He is also the owner of OAL.


Decent combat mage.


Biggie came to Denver from Boston, where he was born and raised. His mother is deaf, His father is a Made Man, and so are two of his brothers. In his preteens while fighting with one of his brothers, Paul's magic showed itself. It left his brother in the hospital, and hanging onto life, and half of his family home burned to a crisp . Biggie never stayed at home much after that, and while on the east coast was not affiliated with any of the Mafia Family's, but instead ran with a group of magic users, both shamanic and hermetic. His focus was on the magic, but shortly after his 18th birthday he had to leave Boston and the East Coast. He was told to head to Denver and seek out help from Deamon Starks.
When he arrived in Denver, he showed up at Franky's and was initiated into Joey Lucciano's crew. He took of about a year ago, only a select few actually know why, but recently he's back in Denver, laying low.
Bigman has also found others of his magical skills, and helped found the Order of the Arcane Lore, but while in the year gone never kept in contact, loosing his connection with the group and the avatar.

>>>>> [This one knows what he's doing, and is a sturdy presence to have next to you on a run. Never saw a guy as big as that keep it so cool and suave. Right on, chummer.] <<<<<
—Posh (11:21:05/11-22-74)

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