@mail Plots

First and foremost, I have to make it clear that I am no member of Denver staff, even though I was at some time. Right now I can only do player run plots (PrP) or at best staff sponsored player run plots. I will make it clear which kind of run I am running at the beginning of a plot.

An @mail plot is not different than any other plot, other than in two point.

  • Players do not gather at one time in a plot room
  • The plot runs on much slower due to running on poses posted to the GM whenever you have the time. As past experience tells me that these plots roll slow enough this way I require you to be able to log on once a day, check your @mail and reply to it. If I cannot rely on that, then doing these plots makes no sense, as they will never finish.

To allow these plots to stay consistent I require two things.

  • A copy of your sheet, taken at the plot start.
  • A list of gear you have on your character as the plot starts.

Each plot will be started out by creating:

  • a plot page on the wiki that will during the plot receive the public poses made within the plot and when finished the full log. This page is intended as official reference for the players (so you can keep informed what has happened so far) and will start with the setting pose and a list of all legitimately partaking characters.
  • an internal document managed by myself, that contains:
    • all poses, public and hidden
    • GM-notes
    • NPC and player rolls (I will make all the rolls, failed rolls get a notification to allow a potential re-roll)

Order of proceedings in a plot:
1) GM offers a plot
2) Players offer interest in the plot (giving a time limit to apply)
3) Interested players get an @mail with the starting pose
4) At this point I need the sheets and gear of the partaking players. Players who do not send these at this point are ignored and will not be part of the plot.
5) Every player poses his actions, plus what the character intends to do
6) GM actions:

  • Resolving of player and NPC activities
  • Creating info @mails for special perceptions or hidden activity resolutions
  • Creating a general pose for everyone to see and sending it to all players.
  • Posting the public pose and the player poses on the Wiki
  • Adding public and hidden activity to the GM log.

7) Repeat 5 and 6 until the plot is resolved.
8) In the end the full plot log (including public and hidden actions) is released on the Wiki and staff notified of it's finishing via log queue. Character sheets will not be published in this log, as I know some players do not like them to be public.

For ease of usage and in case a plot is not making it fully through I will ask staff to remove used up items from your inventory instead of making you do it, so at the end I might need your voucher ID's for used items.
That way no one will have to loose things unnecessarily.

Should at some point the need arise to add other players to the plot who are willing to partake, there is always the opportunity to add them. However, they will have to abide by all rules notified before. Means I also need their sheets and (if they get dragged deeper into the plot) the gear they have with them.

There is always the possibility that someone cannot reach the internet (ISP or computer problems), be on vacation, etc. In such cases I require to at least notify me as soon as you can of the circumstance, or I will simply drop you from the plot. You will be dropped temporary anyway if you do not respond once a day. As I said. These plots go slow enough anyway. I cannot wait for everyone to decide they finally might be willing to pose. It would be unfair to those who take the effort to fully participate.

Ingame the events in an @mail-plot will only have happened once the plot has ended and been reviewed by staff, fully approved and hopefully rewarded. Though they will have happened at the time the plot started and I received the character sheets. This is to keep the timeline clean. As we might get into crazy problems otherwise with other plots passing us by and such.

If there are more questions that I didn't answer with this post or something is unclear. Please send me an @mail ingame.

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