Annual Tinman Rally

Annual Tinman Challenge!

A new event being run by the man known in the shadowrealm as the Tinman, this is proper rally racing in Denver locals. A set of six teams will compete for the final prize, a large trophy proclaiming them to be the best team in Denver filled with cash!

So, if you are interested in being one of the teams, read the directions and rules below, and get in touch with the Tinman(PC Tanasen) to get yourself entered!

Basic Rules

  1. No Magic: Magic will not be allowed during or before the race, in any form that will affect the handling of the vehicle or affecting it's speed. Personal magic cast on drivers or navigators is allowed, but only friendly. This is a competition, not a war.
  2. Vehicles: All vehicles will be provided by the Tinman. They are specially built for this race, as the entry fee for the event covers the cost of their use. They are not to be modified in any way by the users, and only maintanence to maintain their current state is allowed.
  3. Teams will consist of at least one Driver and one Navigator. Additional crew members are at the teams disgression.
  4. Routes: Routes will be announce the day of the race. Teams will be provided with topigraphical maps annointed with important information on the route including posted/suggested speed limits and any known hazards on the course.
  5. Karma: During the course, to help keep things under control OOCly, each team will be allowed the use of only one(1) Karma point per challenge. This can be used as seen fit by the team, be it to buy an extra die for the roll, or using it to reroll. These points are not cumulative and can not be saved from challenge to challenge. A challenge is defined as any time a roll is required by the team in a single situation. Example: A driver fails a handling check, they can choose to reroll it to avoid failure. The team can choose to spend it as an extra die on their handling check.
  6. Vehicle Damage: For the safety of the teams and spectators, if a vehicle ever suffers Severe damage it will be disqualified from the race and the run ended until such time as it can be repaired. A vehicle in such a state would not handle the rigors of racing for long before something more dangerous would happen.
  7. Entry Fees: Entry Fees for the race will be determined before the Rally starts, and will vary depending on several factors. Contact Tinman(PC Tanasen) for more details.

Terrain and other race hazard tables

Terrain Type Description Counts as (TN Modifier)
Country Road A dirt road, usualy two lanes wide Normal +0
Single lane country Road A twisting single lane dirt road, not always the best grading or conditions. Restricted +1
Single lane track Little more than a trail and two ruts leading through densly packed terrain; Either trees, boulders, or other hazards Tight +3
2d6 Roll Hazard Description Counts as Top speed
21 None This part of the course is all smooth curves and gentle hills Normal +0 90
22 Small Hills Small hills that can vary from smooth to and straight to sharp and on curves Restricted +1 60
23 Large Hills Large hills pose a larger threat, as some can have sudden steep drops on the far side that can wreck the unwary driver. Restricted +1 60
24 Sharp Turns A sudden sharp turn that can catch an unwary driver, sending them off the road and into any number of hazards. Restricted +1 60
25 Switch backs A series of sharp u-turns that get you down a very steep moutainside. A dangerous place to lose control. Tight +3 35
26 Rutted Road A heavily rutted road that can seriously mess up a vehicle if they hit one going too fast. Restricted +1 50
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