Shadowrun: Denver

"Face it you Fraggers, Denver is a sub-divided, pain-wracked, schizophrenic, self-serving, epileptic, sado-masochistic haven for the divinely warped. And I love each and every one of your bitter, thrice damned souls."

- Right Reverend Donald R. Byrne, Street Samurai (

Denver: City of Shadows

A city of contrasts, Denver shows many faces to visitors. The Mile High City is home to gangsters and thieves, grifters and spirits, politics and passion plays. The home of the Nexus, the Matrix's hidden heart, Denver also plays host to six political factions each with their own plans, dreams, and machinations.

A part of the Old West, it never wallows in cowboy cliche. A part of the future with many skyrakers and corporate 'plexes, it holds to its past as well in the quaint downtown shops and parks dotting the city. A part of the mountains, and yet, willing to embrace urban living. Denver is a different face to one and all, a place where the shadows are deep with mystery and intrigue.

Denver Shadowrun MU* is a multi-player environment set in Denver in 2072. This fractured city gives ample opportunity for shadowrunners to delve into a myriad of possible story lines, from political intrigue to mob wars to deals with dragons. The game also branches out into North America and the world, with narrative storytelling, player interaction and helpful staff.


Dramatis Personae


Riggers, Deckers, Adepts, Shaman, Magi and Samurai, the denizens of the city of Denver exist between the cracks of society. From corporations who dominate the economics to warring nations who squabble for influence, to gangs who run the warrens, the depth of the city is matched only by its width. Denver's a city with bigger than normal cracks, and even bigger personalities to fill them.



Denver's Resources

The resources available to the playerbase of Denver are vast. From full theme files to a near-complete listing of items and equipment, cyber, bio and nanoware to a full spell list of every approved spell. From vehicles to elemental summoning gear, from house rules to basic combat flow charts, you can find a lot of good information in the .INFO files listed here.



Shadowruns And Street Scenes

The runners of Denver are constantly moving, on the go. Wither rescuing an executives daughter to slaughtering evil cults to breaking and entering fro fun and profit, they are never idle. Below you will find a listing of recent adventures undertaken by the people of Denver.


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